Download the FGIS plugin Now!

Download the FGIS plugin at the following link:

FGIS plugin Installation Instructions:

(1) Download and install the TatukGIS Editor.

(2) Download and run the FGIS plugin installer from the link above.

NOTE: The FGIS plugin will only work with the same version (or later) of
the TatukGIS Editor that is listed in the startup screen and also listed above.

(3) Run FGIS.

(4) In the FGIS start-up screen that appears (as shown below), click on the Browse button and select the TatukGIS Editor installation directory.

 The FGIS plugin startup screen.

(Note:  On 32-bit versions of Windows, the 'Editor Path:' should typically be set to 'C:\Program Files\TatukGIS\Editor3'.  On 64-bit versions of Windows, the 'Editor Path' should typically be set to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\TatukGIS\Editor3'.)

(5) Click on the OK button to start FGIS.

* To purchase a license of the FGIS plugin, please go to the FGIS plugin main page.